Aircond Sales, Service & Maintenance

Air cond Installation

  • Powercool electrical engineering sdn bhd is involved in air conditioners installation services of all kind and brand of new air conditioning systems to various industries, commercial and residential buildings, the air conditioning systems are as follows:
    1. Split Air cond units
    2. Cassette Air cond units
    3. Ceiling type Air cond units
    4. Package type Air conditioners
    5. VRV Systems
    6. Fan coil and air handling systems

Split Air cond units


Cassette Air cond units


Ceiling type Air cond units


Package type Air conditioners VRV Systems Fan coil and air handling systems



Air cond service and Maintenance

  • We would normally advise our clients the periodical servicing and maintenance of the systems as follow:
  • Check condition of both condenser and evaporator coils. Filter and angle for proper drainage. Seal around unit to prevent infiltration. Through-the-wall in cold climates should have and interior air conditioners cover to stop both conductive losses.
  • Filter clean and in place
  • Condenser coils (outdoor) and evaporator coils (indoor) clean and unobstructed
  • Unit tilts down from inside to out for drainage of condensation
  • Control knobs / Remote control in place and operable
  • Properly grounded electrical outlet with correct voltage within reach of cord.